The Prophetic Image of God: Trinitarian Liturgical Practice for Shaping Prophetic Vocation of the Christian Comunity

Tércio Bretanha Junker


As Christians, we are called to cross the boundaries that separate us from each other and from intimate communion with the divine Trinity. Together, we are called to stand hand-in-hand, walking in the cloister of each other’s lives, knowing each other, sharing our journey, and seeking that day when we all come together in a big round table, under the same ceiling of the big house: oikoumene. As a reference and source of inspiration for the conversation, a liturgical text, a Trinitarian prayer, is presented in order to create a theological exercise seeking to find meaningful words for prophetic worship. The images of the Triune God presented in this prayer are signs of wondering, metaphors of critical consciousness, and cries for transformation. The prayer is addressed to the Triune God using the following unusual images: God – Prophet of prophets; Jesus Christ – Incarnated Prophet; and the Holy Spirit – spirit of prophets.

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